The Next Chapter of my Education

Last night I attended graduate school orientation at Rutgers University.  I will be starting the journey of getting my masters in Human Resource Management. While part of me is dreading going back to school after 5 years there is another part of me that is excited to be learning again in a formal setting.  I have spent the last 5 years working full time and I think it is very easy in a corporate setting to lose the curiosity to learn. It becomes commonplace to execute and deliver on your goals within the constraints of your working environment rather then challenging the status quo, thinking outside the box or even formulating your own original opinion.  We quickly get caught up in delivering our commitments and rarely find the time to truly understand the topic.   Yes, we take the time to sign up for the daily emails on the latest business news or follow the cutting edge research within our function but do we really ever take or have the time to digest, further research and formulate how we utilize the information to improve our business or function?  

So I guess my goal for graduate school is to do just that!



For me it is simple….I needed a hobby.   This fact became even more evident over the past few weeks when both my husband(Greg) and my mom suggested the same.  My mom also quickly proceeded to tell me about a fabric shop, which lucky for me is on my way home from work, that has quilting classes. With no desire to start quilting…  I took the hint and  decided to start a blog.  Blogging is something that I have debated for quite a while but never followed through on it….I guess because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about and feared who would actually read it!

So Cheers to starting something new!